On the 8th of November, a diverse range of organisations from around Wellington came together at the “Work in Progress – Wellington’s New Collar Future” conference to hear from a collection of speakers from many different backgrounds on what they think the future looks like for work.

The attendees were all there from different perspectives, from hospitality to banking and government to parents, but they all seemed to agree on one thing – the world is changing ever faster, and work is part of that change.

Here are the themes that were focused on –

  • Globalism and its effect on jobs
  • Automation and job evolution
  • Training and retraining
  • Skills of the new collar worker
  • Predicting trends in work
  • Trends in the workforce – Inclusion and diversity

Conferences like these are so important for disseminating information through the plethora of industries these themes will affect in the future. Work is such a universal concept, whether in the sense of employment or in the wider sense of how we spend our time and what utility that generates.

Over the next few weeks, we will try to delve deeper into the topics covered by the conference, and share with you the impact they will have on New Zealand and our technological future.

– Caitlin
NZRise Community Manager


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