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We are a group of business leaders from NZ-owned IT firms who have formed NZRise as a non-profit New Zealand incorporated society.

NZRise exists to represent the interests of NZ-owned digital technology businesses (we use the terms IT and “digital technology” interchangeably).

NZRise and its member companies are passionate about New Zealand technology and believe our IT industry can be a hotbed of innovation and growth. We believe New Zealand’s unique economic and cultural context provides the ideal conditions for building an industry that can meet world demand for agility, rapid development, collaboration, and innovation.

To achieve our aims, NZRise strongly represents the interests of New Zealand-owned IT companies. Whilst organisations exist and have existed to represent the whole IT industry in this country, there has never been any organisation that represents the Kiwi-owned and operated IT companies. Our focus on this group will help ensure a maximum contribution to the New Zealand economy in a manner that is sustainable in the long term and benefits New Zealand first and foremost.

As owner-operators of successful IT businesses, our members have the passion, vigilance, and long-term interest in the success of our industry to a level that cannot be matched by those that are stewards of businesses owned by others.

Having demonstrated their entrepreneurship and commitment by establishing their businesses, NZRise’s members are uniquely positioned to work with government entities, associations, and private industry, all aiming to grow the NZ IT sector into one of international renown.

Current co-chairs are Victoria Maclennan of Optimal BI and Don Christie, Director of Catalyst IT who have been working with many other business leaders over the past years.

Our Goals

Ensure the global competitiveness of the New Zealand IT industry.

Increase the profile, size, and skill base of the NZ IT industry.

Inspire young New Zealanders to enter the IT industry here in New Zealand.

Improve the export orientation of our industry.

Educate other sectors about the capabilities that NZ companies have to service their needs.

Be a strong voice for NZ owned and operated IT companies.

It is recognised that we, as existing companies, have an obligation and interest in achieving significant growth on an ongoing basis.

Join Us

You can contact us, follow NZRise on Twitter, sign up for our newsletter below, or join us! We’d love to hear from you about how we can make sure NZ-owned IT firms can be more globally competitive. We don’t have all the answers, but with your help, we can get the answers.

One thought on “Join Us

  1. I attended the Digital Skills Hui last week and loved it ! We are a small social enterprise working nationally to source great employment for tech experienced and qualified New Zealanders returning to work post a health condition, injury or disability of some kind.
    We have access to highly motivated, innovative problem solving talent who are hitting mainstream barriers to work. We want to connect with inclusive, open minded employers who are struggling to find tech skills and experience in New Zealand. I have spoken to Don and sent a follow up email. I will be in Wellington next Wednesday, 10th April.- Would love to meet you and discuss how we can put our programme and skilled individuals in front of your members. Thanks so much. Megan Barclay

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