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Digital Skills Panel Discussion

Futureproofing Aotearoa, Navigating Digital Skills in the COVID Economy

Join Victoria Maclennan as she navigates and guides this important panel discussion for Aotearoa.

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Outcomes for this panel are to:

  • Understand the topology of Pathways into the workforce – through education, reskilling and upskilling
  • Identify where the gaps are and what we can do to fill them today
  • What initiatives are in place to future proof us, that should be scaled up
  • Whether the digital technology industry – and the education sector for our industry – is well aligned with the Aotearoa NZ’s equity, sustainability and prosperity goals


  • 5pm Welcome from the chairs
  • 5:05pm Brief positioning from Vic
  • Each panellist 5 minutes introduction on themselves, their perspective on the current state of digital skills in Aotearoa and their pithy view on where our priorities need to lie
  • Order of introduction remarks Rohan, Aleisha then Miki
  • 5:25pm Questions per order below
    6pm Questions from the audience

    Panellists: Miki Szikszai (Snapper), Rohan Wakefield (Enspiral Dev Academy) Aleisha Amohia (Catalyst IT).

Chaired by: Victoria Maclennan (OptimalBI)

An hour dive into the future of digital and how we can equip New Zealand to be at the forefront of innovation and leadership. Our panellists have backgrounds in development, education, AI and the digital economy at large.

Your Input
If you have any questions, please send them to Clint before 5pm, 22 February 2022

Please feel free to invite those who you think may benefit from this discussion.
RSVP: Clint: [email protected]

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