Internships – do you, don’t you – will you, won’t you – why, why not?  Tell us what you think!

If you’re an employer you probably want to hire experienced staff.  Pretty much everyone wants to hire experienced staff.  We produce a lot of talented graduates in New Zealand, but they sometimes get caught in a cycle where they can’t get a job because they don’t have work experience, but they can’t get work experience because they don’t have a job.  Internships – a period of real work within a firm during or at the end of study –  can be a really valuable way of breaking that cycle and helping students become the experienced workers you want to hire.

The Digital Skills Forum is an industry/ government partnership working to ensure New Zealand is growing and evolving a digital technology capable workforce.  In conjunction with Summer of Tech and the Wellington, Auckland and SIGNAL ICT Graduate Schools the Forum is running a quick survey to get a read on what businesses think and do about working with digital technology interns.  The findings will help us figure out how to better connect studying and work through internships.

This short survey will only take about 5-10 minutes (or less!) – and we’d really like to hear from you.  So please follow the link below and have your say.  And please pass on this link to other employers.  Thanks in advance for your support!

Take the 10 Minute Survey Here

(By the way, some of you may have participated in a recent survey specifically about the ICT Graduate Schools that was run by Martin Jenkins for the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC).  The Digital Skills Forum’s survey at the link below asks different questions, for a different purpose – so please do help with this one too!)

Survey closes at midnight on Sunday 15 July 2018

Any questions please contact Victoria MacLennan, Chair of the Digital Skills Forum and Co-Chair of NZRise

[email protected]

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