The recent report provides a fantastic source of insight into the New Zealand Digital and Technology sector, it’s contribution to the economy, impact on other sectors and contribution on a regional basis.

In 2015 the Digital and Technology sector accounted for 8% of GDP and 7% of exports. The overall contribution to GDP was greater than that of the dairy sector due to factors like higher paid jobs – double that of the NZ median salary.

The DigitalNation report supports NZRise’s view the Digital and Technology sector is making a difference and will continue to be transformative for New Zealand – lifting productivity across all sectors and industries, providing regional diversification in jobs, and continuing to create higher paid jobs. The opportunity for our economy is exciting.

Thank you to NZTech for compiling this great report. Thanks to OptimalBI for further report analysis and visualisation provided within this infographic. NZRise and member companies supported the development of this report.

DigitalNation-01-01 (1)

Digital Nation New Zealand Infographic OptimalBI

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