There’s a bunch (and will be more!) of resources to help businesses get through COVID-19.  Members of our community have written some, and others are so good they just deserve a share.

This page will be a one-stop-shop for any resources we think you’ll find handy, and will keep adding as we come across more.

Please do let me know if you have something worthy of sharing.

Take care, Bronnie.

Sales and business development

Mary Crampton from Magnify Consulting shares her key takeaways from a webinar she listened to about the ’08-09 recession and tips that can help your business during 2020.


How other NZ-based tech companies are responding

Matt Gallen from Ackama writes about how their teams make remote working happen, and also shares their remote working guide (which is great).  He also discusses what it’s like to be a trans-Tasman business, as well as some risks and opportunities.


Don Christie from Catalyst shares information on their response as a global group headquartered in Wellington.  He thinks “Sorry” will become a very important word, do you?


As a sector, we have an opportunity to show leadership to our clients and the country as a whole for how this can be done.” writes Sam Minnée, Co-Founder & CEO of Silverstripe.  Read more here.

Remote working

Check out Bronnie’s crowd-sourced post on collaboration, mental well being and how to best work remotely.


Ackama’s remote working guide.


Employment matters

Thanks to Duncan Coats and Rick Shera of Lowndes Jordan for putting together and sharing this 4 page document as a resource for issues arising out of the current situation.  This is not provided as legal advice, if you need legal advice contact a lawyer.


Office space leases

This document may help you save some rent payments under your lease during these difficult times.  This isn’t intended to be legal advice for your specific circumstances. Rather, it is intended to help and empower businesses with a general strategy of preserving cash flow in these difficult times. Each situation will turn upon its own unique facts. Please seek advice if necessary.  


Resources from Parry Field Lawyers

Thanks to Parry Field for sharing their compiled resources on Zoom privacy, signing documents, buying and selling houses, responsibilities when paying  employees, what Force Majeure actually means, legal issues for charities and businesses, building leases, and what companies and directors should be doing.

View  the webpage.

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