Version 2.0

We consider these principles will encourage the growth and creative potential of New Zealand-owned and operated digital technology companies, and will help to create a strong and dynamic local economy.

  • INCLUSIVE: Procurement must be based on inclusion rather than exclusion, with any  provider that meets the defined criteria being eligible to supply products and services.
  • ENGAGEMENT: Early engagement improves the understanding of all parties and increases the likelihood of delivering successful outcomes.
  • TRANSPARENT: Procurement must operate in a transparent manner with full disclosure.
  • EXPERTISE: Procurement must recognise the value and importance of local knowledge and experience over the whole‐of‐life of any initiative.
  • DISAGGREGATION: Breaking up large-scale initiatives into smaller, more manageable components helps to increase competition and reduce risk.
  • IMPACT: Procurement must take into account the economic, social, and environmental impact of different proposals over the whole‐of‐life of
    any initiative.
  • INNOVATION: A strong and diverse local digital technology sector encourages creative innovation and effective competition.
  • OPEN: Procurement must be open and accessible to all providers, who are each treated consistently in a fair and impartial manner.
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