3.30pm-5pm Wednesday the 20th of August.

This month the meeting will be hosted by Catalyst – Level 6 Catalyst House, 150 Willis Street, Wellington.

If you are not a member but are interested in joining, drop us a line on Twitter or contact us through the site and join us for the monthly meeting.

This month Anna Guenther from PledgeMe is coming to talk to us about the new equity crowding licences that the FMA has issued.

PledgeMe Equity helps companies raise the funding they need to grow, through crowdfunding campaigns. Equity campaigns enable companies to go out to their crowd with an investment round, offering equity in return for investment. If the campaign meets it’s minimum target, pledgers become shareholders, and have an ongoing stake in the company’s success.

About Anna ( from the PledgeMe site):

Anna Guenther is our illustrious leader. She drinks too much coffee and cares deeply about how technology can enhance community instead of replacing it. Her background is in economic development, entrepreneurship and grants ­ having worked across the globe from the New Zealand government to MIT, she always comes back to call New Zealand home. If she had a superpower, it would probably be making friends.

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