Questions for Political Parties

We sent the following questions to all major New Zealand Political Parties and are now publishing their answers.

The Conservative Party and New Zealand First chose not to reply to these questions. Some parties that have replied are yet to release more digital technology policies relevant to these questions. We will update this series when they publish their new policies.

The following parties have provided links to their published policies, we will update when other parties release new policies. See the bottom of the page for the latest updates.

Labour ICT Policies

Internet Party Policies

Green Party ICT Policies

We asked the parties to include any relevant policies or initiatives they would implement.

Our media release is now available – 10th September 2014 Part Policy Questions & Answers


1 – What are your policies to support the digital technology sector in New Zealand in terms of growth in jobs? Answers

2 – What changes if any would your party make to the current role of Government Chief Information Officer (GCIO)? Answers

3 – How would your party encourage better use of digital technology across government organisations and up-skill senior government staff? Answers

4 – What changes if any would your party make to procurement processes for all of Government and Common Capability in relation to digital technology products and services? Answers

5 – What are your policies on preferred selection of NZ digital technology providers over International providers for Government procurement? Answers

6 – What are you policies on vendor neutral, royalty free and open standards (particularly for file formats and data transfer protocols) for software vendors for Government procurement? Answers

7 – How would your party support NZ digital technology companies looking to export their products or services? Answers

8 – How would your party showcase NZ digital technology companies overseas? Answers

9 – What is your policy on funding post graduate research and study in Computer Science, Information Systems, and other ICT-related areas? Answers

10 – How would your party support education of new digital technology workers? Answers

11 – How does your party propose to help address our digital technology skills shortage in the near term? Answers

12 – Would you like to add any other comments? Answers

Latest Updates Notes
Tues 10th Sept Media Release from NZRise added
Tues 10th Sept Green party answers amended with new policy additions
Tues 10th Sept Green Party ICT policy link added
Weds 2nd Sept Addition of Māori Party answers
Tues 1st Sept Launch
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