As Greater Wellington Regional Council prepares to begin the tender process for a new city-wide public transport smartcard system, NZRise urges the Council to conduct the process fairly.


“We know that NZTA has written to the Council expressing a preference for their wholly-owned subsidiary, Hop, to be chosen over one of the other three providers expected to bid for this project. That’s a clear conflict of interest,” says NZRise co-chair Don Christie.


“It’s also out of step with government procurement processes that have been designed to prevent this kind of anti-competitive behaviour.”


“NZRise would like to see the process run with each bidder being assessed on its merits, free from outside influence and any perceptions of a predetermined outcome.


“It’s important that technology companies get a fair hearing by the Council, and that the Council gets the most cost-effective and practical solution for ratepayers and commuters. It would be a shame for a flawed process to result in a poor decision which leads to both a rise in costs and a decrease in functionality and flexibility.”   


NZTA’s subsidiary is NZTTL (NZ Transport Ticketing Limited) who own and operate the HOP system in Auckland.

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