NZ Government ICT Marketplace briefing, August 2016

Last week Ron Stuart, Manager Government ICT Supply Strategy, GCIO’s office, DIA briefed audiences of NZRise, NZTech and IITP members in Auckland and Wellington. Both events drew large crowds with ~200 people braving a freezing wind in Wellington demonstrating the levels of interest and importance of this announcement. We also noted a strong contingent of Government employees from a broad range of agencies in attendance alongside the private sector audience.

You can view Accelerating Cloud Adoption FINAL 2 August 2016, they support the talk but do not provide much of the context and background we were briefed on. You can also review the cabinet paper and ICT Strategy encompassing this programme here.

Key messages (my words) see Slide 9 of presentation for more

My observations of the audience questions

Next Steps

NZRise, NZTech and IITP meet the CGIO’s office on a quarterly basis and will be holding out of cycle discussions on this topic specifically. Our recommendation is to hold smaller workshop based briefings with groups to run through scenario’s, explore how the marketplace will operate and how agencies will be on-boarded etc.

We appreciate this is a complex solution to implement fairly and equitably meeting the goals of open and transparent operation. The turnout to these two events indicated both buyers and sellers are interested this proposition and it’s success – this is a very positive step forward.

If you are not an NZRise, IITP or NZTech member (please feel free to join of course) you can comment on this post or email me [email protected]

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Victoria MacLennan, Co-Chair, NZRise.

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