NZRise’s newest member, Jason Gleason from Eight-Wire joins us in this member showcase.

What does being a local NZ company mean to you?
Being a local NZ company means we take our environment and culture and use it to guide our development as a company. It also means that we are engaged with our local ecosystem as it impacts us.

How has technology changed our relationships in your everyday world?
The biggest change is that everything is at my fingertips. With friends and family scattered around the world, I can have a conversation with them pretty much anywhere and anytime, it’s great!

What’s the biggest business lesson you’ve learnt?
The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that there are no shortcuts. If we want a customer to be interested in us, we have to make sure we are the only option that makes sense. We can’t rely on enthusiasm and promises to succeed.

Why did you get involved with NZRise?
As a SaaS company to the public sector, we wanted to add our voice to the local technology community. Government initiatives around cloud policies, data sovereignty, and local technology providers all effect us to a major extent. Groups like NZRise provide a community voice that is harder to ignore.

What problem does your company solve and for whom?
Sharing information between thousands of separate business units or organisations isn’t possible with current technologies. Eight Wire allows government sectors and multinational corporations to share data stored in back-end systems without impacting users. We are one part universal data translator, one part metadata query engine, and one part SaaS application.

Jason Gleason, CEO of Eight-Wire.

Jason Gleason, CEO of Eight-Wire.

If someone wants to know more about what you do, how can they contact you?
Email me at [email protected] is probably the best I usually respond in a few minutes. Or visit our website

What do you find most challenging about being a NZ company?
The most challenging thing to us is how we can grow into a global company from NZ. Achieving our end goal with the realities of distance and scale has been the main driver for our strategy over the last 3 years.

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