Lou Draper & David Cormack, of the Draper Cormack Group.

Lou Draper & David Cormack, of the Draper Cormack Group.

What does being a local NZ company mean to you?
Being a local NZ company means that while we have one eye on how we can improve our own business, we’re also looking at how we can improve New Zealand – be that by dealing with ethically strong clients, working on helping our clients tell their stories overseas or just being tidy Kiwis.

How has technology changed our relationships in your everyday world?
In the PR and media space it’s meant that the newscycle has gone from 24 hours to about 24 seconds. This has had a number of massive ramifications. Firstly, it means there is a heap of pressure on journalists to churn out more content faster and faster which has seen a decline in quality; this allows organisations like ours to help fill the gaps in content creation. It also means that when a crisis hits it now hits harder and faster than ever before – social media amplifies crises to the point where they can seem like they’ll never end; however social media has also meant that people will quickly find the next thing to be outraged over, so while scandals hit harder, they’re often over faster too.

What’s the biggest business lesson you’ve learnt?
Some people will make all sorts of verbal commitments, then just never call you back. And this after you thought the first date went so well.

Why did you get involved with NZRise?
We’re passionate about the tech sector in NZ, we think it’s a real success story just waiting to be told and we’d love to help tell it. The NZ government’s obsession with raw commodities – logs and milk powder – as the driving force for our economy will only last so long, and then something will need to fill that gap. Digital and tech is perfectly placed to be that industry – especially since it’s not bound by the tyranny of geography.

What problem does your company solve and for whom?
We help people convey who they are and what their business does. We do it in the way that people can understand, both inside and outside their industry. We represent a common tongue for people, across all different types of media. We do it for anyone who wants/needs it and who fits with our company’s values.

If someone wants to know more about what you do, how can they contact you?
They can visit our website, www.drapercormack.nz or they can email Lou or me on [email protected] or [email protected] We love coffee dates and we’re always happy to shout.

What do you find most challenging about being a NZ company?
We’re a small country which can sometimes lend itself to a parochial perspective. There is no reason why we shouldn’t look to go big, and we shouldn’t be afraid to talk with pride about our successes – however the unwritten New Zealand motto is “pull yer head in” so we always have to be careful not to be seen as bragging. Which is a same. We’ve done plenty of work with clients we’re proud of and we’d love to shout about it – both for us, but also for our clients.

~ David Cormack

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