Christian Redgewell of Kernel Ltd fills us in on what they do and how they work.

What does being a local NZ company mean to you? 

It is about giving quality advice to companies that you could hang your hat on. Wellington and New Zealand are too small to be giving advice that doesn’t benefit us all. I want to help all my clients succeed by giving them the right sort of outcome. Not just an outcome that works for me.

How has technology changed our relationships in your everyday world? 

It means you now need to be overly responsive to emails and phone calls as well as queries from other social media. However, I still believe a face to face conversation breaks down so many barriers. Technology should always be a way to enhance our relationships not necessarily how we create them.

What’s the biggest business lesson you’ve learnt? 

 Don’t panic, do what you think is right and don’t undersell yourself.

What problem does your company solve and for whom? 

We solve issues with clients trying to bridge the gap between on-premise and cloud. They are so many gotchas and it is so broad a subject and area that no one can be expected to know everything. We assist in guiding clients through the lessons we have learnt and try to assist in speeding up processes which can take months otherwise to complete. We specialise in particular in the Identity and Federation space as well as monitoring. We do this for everyone from non-profits to government and enterprise.


What do you find most challenging about being a New Zealand company?  

It is difficult dealing with clients who believe they are large clients when in a global sense they are very small. I think a huge challenge is trying to convince clients that their challenge is not unique. Even cross industries many companies deal with the same problem packaged in a different format. I attend a lot of conferences in Australia where you talk to companies who are dealing with 4000-15000 users. New Zealand as whole needs to start making smarter decisions about how they utilise cloud and stop trying to overly customise it.


To find out more about Kernel Ltd visit their website

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