The New Zealand Government is a super user of many products and services.  Businesses often want to sell to government organisations, but we want to know what they’re like to have as a customer. What impact do they have on our economy?

Poor behaviour of big business in Aotearoa has been highlighted recently in a report by Xero and described in this article “It’s time big business stopped using using small enterprises for working capital“. Question is does the NZ Government do the same?

Our members tell us that payment terms with Government are standard – it’s the actual payment date that varies wildly. We would like to understand which agencies are great payers, which are pretty good and which ones are consistently late payers across the board. If it emerges that the anecdotes support further investigation we will take this further.

We need your help. Every business, contractor, supplier to the Government of New Zealand – Please complete our anonymous survey on “Is the Government a good customer”.

Complete the anonymous survey here.

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