NZRise, IITP and NZTech welcome Members to a briefing from the GCIO’s office on the proposed ICT Marketplace designed for New Zealand Government to procure Digital and Technology products.

Wellington: Thursday August 4, The Ballroom at Foxglove bar, entry is by Cuckoo.
Auckland: Wednesday August 3, Deloitte, 80 Queen St.
Presentation starts at 12:30pm. Bring your lunch.

The NZ Government ICT Strategy refresh 2015 observed several ‘game-changing’ trends including the accelerated pace of disruptive change. Key initiatives identified in the ICT Strategy included the establishment of an “ICT Marketplace” that will enable government agencies to access a wider range of public cloud services under a common commercial construct while also improving the efficiency of typical procurement practices where security and commercial risk is managed in accordance with government and procurement security standards.

The ICT Marketplace has the potential to radically improve the way agencies procure capability that is aligned with the Government ICT Strategy and expose innovation.

Ron Stuart, Manager Government ICT Supply Strategy, DIA, joins us to talk through the ICT Marketplace.

The ICT Marketplace will enable:

-Agencies to access innovative ICT services quickly
-Greater competition and choice from innovative suppliers
-Government to be treated as a single customer
-Reduction in time and cost to procure, security accredit and deploy cloud services
-Reduction in cost and duplication of effort and investment in the risk assessment of public cloud services
-Two Proof of Concept Agile projects are currently being undertaken, engaging with a significant number of government agencies. At the conclusion of these Proof of Concepts we will engage with the market to procure the ICT Marketplace technology/capability

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