Time and Venue – 3.30-5.00pm at the NZTE Wellington office in the Majestic Centre.

Broad outline of the workshop:  

This workshop is aiming to help show how NZTE can help NZ companies to export to the world.

  • To provide an overview of NZTE (what they do / how they work with companies)
  • What are the challenges/priorities for NZ Rise members?
  • Roundtable discussion on potential government support for NZ Rise members (individually and/or as a collective)

Attending from NZTE will be Steven Mayo-Smith, Programme Leader (Health and Digital), High Impact Programmes, Terry Allen, Customer Director, Auckland and Sharon-May McCrostie, Customer Director.

All NZRise members are welcome to attend, please let us know if you plan on being there we need to confirm numbers. Please also send any additional questions you have so we can help NZTE prepare.

We will work on a video and/or conference facility being available if you are not able to attend in person, so if you are out of Wellington you won’t have to miss out.

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