NZRise is delighted to note Labour’s forward thinking, particularly within the Technology section of their “The Future of Work” Paper, encapsulating the results of 2 year’s work by their “Future of Work Commission”.

“We admire and fully support their aspirational goal to make the ICT sector NZ’s second largest contributor to the economy by 2025, and their recognition that ICT will be a job-rich source of growth for a nation of small businesses, helping raise wage levels in the process” said Co-Chair Don Christie.

NZRise welcomes any opportunity to work with, and help refine aspirational and innovative political party policies that optimise opportunities for NZ digital companies, for the wider benefit to NZ Inc as well as the individual local businesses.

Some of the highlights in Labour’s Paper include:

  • Computer coding in schools AND the supporting commentary that recognises that computer programming will give students lifelong problem solving skills that will be of benefit whatever career path they choose (E3).
  • Government procurement policies breaking down large-scale IT projects into smaller parts “to manage risk and create opportunities for locals (T11).  A similar approach has recently been adopted by the UK Govt.
  • Use “whole of life” costing that recognises advantages of local suppliers including employment generation and the taxation flows therefrom (T11). This can lead to an effective 30+% rebate back to Govt, along with the social benefits.
  • Appointment of a chief technology officer, reporting to the Prime Minister, with responsibility for a five-to-10 year “technology roadmap” (T2).
  • More women in Work and in Business (S15).
  • Innovation and the likelihood of IP remaining in NZ being a consideration for what businesses get support. (T11).
  • R&D tax credits (T12).

The full paper can be found here. Don Christie, Co-Chair NZRise

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