NZRise members support Open Standards and New Zealand’s commitment to Open Standards as a member of the Digital 5 Nations (D5). We encourage NZ Government Agencies to take a proactive view and align with the goals of the D5 which will directly support strengthening the New Zealand economy through Digital Technology.

Minister Dunne is actively involved with this initiative and supports Open Standards, we thank him for his open dialogue and support.

We would like to actively encourage the Government CIO’s office, as our D5 representatives, to provide open transparent communication on their trips taken, events hosted or participated in, ongoing engagements and decisions made on behalf of NZ.

To assist the New Zealand Government and Business Community Dave Lane, President of the New Zealand Open Source Society states a compelling case for Open Standards in New Zealand, the benefits of compatibility, the potential financial savings to the NZ economy if Open Standards are broadly adopted and reinforces the need for commitment to the D5 Charter.

More information in support of Open Standards can be found at openstandards. If you support this initiative please sign the petition on this page.
More information on the D5 Charter can be found at The D5 Charter specifically states:

The Participants* have decided to commit to working towards the following principles of digital
development, acknowledging that they will not be able to meet all of the criteria on joining:

3.1. User needs – the design of public services for the citizen
3.2. Open standards – technology requires interoperability and so a clear commitment to a credible royalty free open standards policy is needed
3.3. Open source – future Government systems, tradecraft, manuals and standards are created as
open source and are shareable between members
3.4. Open markets – in government procurement create true competition for companies regardless of size. Encourage and support a start-up culture and promote economic growth through open markets
3.5. Open government (transparency) – be a member of the Open Government Partnership and use open licences to produce and consume open data
3.6. Connectivity – enable an online population through comprehensive and high quality digital
3.7. Teach children to code – commitment to offer children the opportunity to learn to code and build the next generation of skills
3.8. Assisted digital – a commitment to support all its citizens to access digital services
3.9. Commitment to share and learn – all members commit to work together to help solve each other’s issues wherever they can

minister-dunne* The D5 Participant Nations are New Zealand, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Israel and Estonia.

Any questions on this please contact Victoria MacLennan, Co-Chair NZRise

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