Is the NZ Government a good customer for your business?

The New Zealand Government is a super user of many products and services.  Businesses often want to sell to government organisations, but we want to know what they’re like to have as a customer. What impact do they have on our economy? Poor behaviour of big business in Aotearoa has been highlighted recently in a […] Read more»

NZRise members present to GovTech delegation from Saudi Arabia

The G2G business unit in NZTE supports the export of GovTech solutions to other governments, by bringing together experts from both the public and private sectors to deliver solutions overseas, with a specific focus on Asian and Middle East markets. In July, a delegation from Saudi Arabia, led by the Dr. Abdullatif Alandullatif, head of […] Read more»

Moving towards more open procurement

NZRise attended a workshop on Open government contracting recently  – represented by Shane Ross and Laurence Millar. The purpose of the workshop was to give an update on progress on “Contract Award Notices as Open Data”. As a member of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), the NZ government is currently implementing commitments under the Third […] Read more»

Praise for DIA’s new expenditure transparency

NZRise members have been happily praising the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) for their recent publication of suppliers and expenditure by NZ Owned and Internationally owned companies. The praise for DIA on our message board included comments like: “Good to see the variety of businesses used.” “The publication of spend is a big step forward, […] Read more»

NZRise 20th most powerful in the NZ Technology scene

NZRise board members Victoria MacLennan and Don Christie were named alongside fellow industry leaders Paul Matthews of ITP and Craig Young of TUANZ as the 20th most powerful people in the NZ Technology scene by the NZ Herald. The article “The 40 most powerful people on the NZ Technology scene” is behind the Herald paywall. […] Read more»

The new Government Procurement Rules will NOT lead to more “wins” for Kiwi software businesses

The opportunities for Kiwi software businesses have been deteriorating rapidly as DIA’s “all of Government” arrangements with multinationals begin to bite.  This was described in our Trojan Horse posting in April, and opportunities have been further reduced by the just-signed Cloud agreement offered through SAP Australia. Minister Parker reinforced the NZ Government position of “supporting […] Read more»

How NZRise started – way back in 2010!

Don Christie stepped down as Co-chair of NZRise, an organisation he co-founded 9 years ago, last week. In his final Co-Chair AGM address Don told us the story of NZRise’s origins and some of the fantastic work he and others have led over the years. Here is a transcript of Don’s talk. How it all […] Read more»

NZRise welcomes new Co-Chair Breccan McLeod-Lundy

  NZRise welcomes new Co-Chair, Breccan McLeod-Lundy following the Annual General Meeting on June 11, 2019.   Breccan McLeod-Lundy is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Ackama, a software development company with offices in Wellington, Auckland and Melbourne. Mr McLeod-Lundy joins fellow Co-Chair Victoria MacLennan in the role, following the resignation of Don Christie […] Read more»

Listen to the talk with David Shanks, Chief Censor

  On April 16, NZRise hosted the Chief Censor, David Shanks to discuss the fallout from the Christchurch terrorist attack, and the ongoing challenges with a digital world including addressing the process he went through in considering how to approach the terrorists manifesto. This fireside talk was kindly hosted by Catalyst, with Miki Szikszai as […] Read more»

Call for improved Transparency in Government Procurement

The recent NZRise submission into the Consultation on proposed Government Procurement Rules 4th Edition held a strong theme of seeking Transparency at all levels of the procurement process. We have taken these recommendations one step further and proposed an initial set of transparency improvements MBIE could introduce. The following reporting should be asked of every […] Read more»

Proposed Government Procurement Rules – NZRise submission

NZRise submitted extensive feedback on behalf of members into the Proposed Government Procurement Rules 4th Edition and eagerly await updates from MBIE on their review of the consultation feedback. The NZRise submission can be Read Here. Unanswered Questions In reviewing the proposed rules we identified a number of gaps and unanswered questions in both scope and […] Read more»

NZ Government promotes a Trojan Horse that will eliminate competition

NZRise holds the view that the procurement process MBIE and DIA followed to establish a Common Capability for all-of-government Human Resource (HR) systems is fundamentally flawed. We are further concerned the only option presented to agencies is a single supplier – SAP. NZRise strongly promote transparency in government procurement. To this end we propose a […] Read more»

Digital Skills for the Future of Work

Last week the Digital Skills Forum hosted a 1 day Hui in Wellington. The 300 delegates focused on 3 of the recommendations highlighted in the Digital Skills for a Digital Nation report: Developing a more inclusive and diverse digital technology industry Preparing Aotearoa for the Future of Work  Bridging the Gap between Education & Employment […] Read more»

The cost of doing business with NZ Government via their tender processes – 2019 edition

Has the cost of doing business with the government changed since 2016? In 2016 we conducted a survey to find out the cost of doing business with the government via its tender process, and 3 years later, we’d love to know if that has changed.  View the 2016 results here. With the recent consultation on  […] Read more»

Accolades to Auckland City Council!!

Auckland Council’s ICT (Information, Communications and Technology) department recently presented their ICT Strategy to the Supplier Community. In doing so they have set a new benchmark for openness and the way in which they shared their challenges with the audience.  It was great to learn in detail what Council are working on and planning to […] Read more»

NZRise support for the National Library “Increasingly Digital project”

Don Christie, on behalf of NZRise, has been working with the National Library “Increasingly Digital” project over the past 18 months in a governance role. The purpose of the Increasingly Digital project was to explore how students and teachers discover, access, use, create, and share resources to support learning in current and future learning environments. […] Read more»

Positive changes to the R&D Tax incentive policy announced

This morning the government has announced it’s revised Research & Development Tax incentive policy, NZRise submitted extensive feedback on the proposed system and are pleased to see many positive changes as a result of consultation. You can read the new policy detail here. The key features include: A credit rate of 15 per cent, a […] Read more»

2018 Procurement Seminar

For a morning on September 12, we invited both industry and government to work together towards growing the NZ tech sector. Thank you to all those who participated in our procurement workshop, we really appreciate the collaboration, the collective discussions, the presentations and listening to the buzz the report backs generated in the room. This […] Read more»

What is your view on Internships? Have your say

Internships – do you, don’t you – will you, won’t you – why, why not?  Tell us what you think! If you’re an employer you probably want to hire experienced staff.  Pretty much everyone wants to hire experienced staff.  We produce a lot of talented graduates in New Zealand, but they sometimes get caught in […] Read more»

The Privacy Bill and candid insights from our Privacy Commissioner

Inspired by the Privacy Commissioner John Edwards and his straight talking, aspirational goals for New Zealand citizens, NZRise submitted our perspective on the proposed Privacy Bill – see below. First up we recommend you listen to John’s fireside chat with Miki: Listen to “John Edwards – NZRise privacy fireside chat” on Spreaker. NZRise Privacy Bill […] Read more»

NZRise 2018 AGM Highlights, Minutes and important information

The 2018 NZRise AGM was held on May 16th, at Equinox and via hangouts. Kicking off with a fabulous Fireside Chat where Miki Szikszai interviewed the Privacy Commissioner John Edwards – podcast coming this week. The members enjoyed a candid view on privacy as it pertains to our own industry, digital technology. Equinox have written […] Read more»

Government commitment to digital rights requires concerted action

“The market will not bring digital equity” – Clare Curran on Labour ICT Policy 2017 Recommendation: Action the commitment to Digital Rights (a step towards Digital Equity) expediently The government has a duty of care to ensure that our civil rights are not eroded by over-corporatisation of our digital systems and data. The first duty […] Read more»

Our online community has had a shake-up!

A couple of weeks ago our members experienced a shift in how we communicate within the community. As a collection of tech businesses spread across Aotearoa, the most effective way to communicate is, of course, online. We’ve tried various tools over the years and all of them had their pros and cons. This time we looked […] Read more»

Government commitment to “Open” – NZRise recommendation

The Labour / NZFirst coalition government (supported by the Green party) have stated a commitment to “Open” including: Adoption of the International Open Charter, signed by the Minister for Statistics James Shaw in March 2018 Allocation of an associate minister for open government role – Associate Minister of State Services (Open Government) Adoption of the D5 […] Read more»

It’s that time of year again! NZRise AGM Notice

The 2018 Annual General Meeting of NZRise will be held on the 16th of May at Equinox IT in Wellington. All members and employees of member organisations are welcome. In addition to the formalities and election of officers, there will be a Fireside Chat with our fantastic guest, John Edwards, the New Zealand Privacy Commissioner opening […] Read more»

Government aim for ICT to be our second-largest contributor to GDP by 2025 – NZRise recommendation

The Labour / NZFirst coalition government (supported by the Green party) have stated a vision for digital technology sector growth through their policies and coalition agreement statements (described as ICT), to quote: Labour believes that New Zealand must aim for ICT to be our second-largest contributor to GDP by 2025 Reform government procurement rules to […] Read more»

Sustainable Procurement in New Zealand

The New Zealand Government faces a number of challenges at any given time; more and more it turns to technology as the solution to these challenges. Unfortunately, when an organisation has an immediate problem to solve, less thought is often given to macro-level concerns of how the procurement of a solution affects the market and […] Read more»

Ewaste and How to Avoid it

Building a digital economy has loads of benefits for the environment. We already have the ability to create tech solutions that solve environmental issues by improving resource efficiency or reducing the effects of damage done so far, but there is a byproduct that is not so great. Ewaste, or electronic waste. Those Apple Macs of days […] Read more»

New Zealand’s Priorities in the Digital Revolution

Don Christie, Co-Chair of NZRise and CEO of Wellington-based open source specialists Catalyst, spoke at a recent ITP breakfast on how to realise the opportunities presenting themselves to us in the digital sector and how to take everyone on that journey. This post is part one of three and first appeared on the ITP site. […] Read more»

Providing leadership in diversity and inclusion

The Digital Skills Report released in December 2017 has highlighted the diversity gap within the Digital Technology industry in a New Zealand context. Specifically of concern: only 8% of students in Digital Technology studies are Maori 36% of students in Digital Technology studies are women 27% of the Digital Technology workforce are women NZ sits […] Read more»

New Government. New Year. New Opportunities. What now?

NZRise Co-Chair Don Christie shared his perspective on the opportunities and challenges ahead for our sector in the face of a new government and a new year. The breakfast event, arranged by ITP, drew a mixed audience of business, government and academic minds who enjoyed Don’s direct and candid delivery style. The slides for his […] Read more»

Auckland growth for Digital Technology industry

Victoria and Don, alongside NZRise members Noel and Joe from AMS, met with Mayor Phil Goff and his team recently to discuss the opportunities Auckland presents for our industry and member companies. From our summation of the discussion back to the Mayor: “Like our members, we, and our staff are heavily invested in Auckland. We […] Read more»

2017 Procurement Workshop Outcomes

Growing a Sustainable Digital Sector with Smart Procurement NZRise / MBIE 2017 Procurement Workshop Outcomes Held on 13/07/2017, Te Wharewaka, Wellington Attendees ~100 across NZ Government agencies and NZ Private sector (NZRise members) Background This was the third procurement workshop co-convened by NZRise and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment under the theme, ‘Procuring […] Read more»

Work in Progress – Wellington’s New Collar Future

On the 8th of November, a diverse range of organisations from around Wellington came together at the “Work in Progress – Wellington’s New Collar Future” conference to hear from a collection of speakers from many different backgrounds on what they think the future looks like for work. The attendees were all there from different perspectives, […] Read more»

Vic Crone – NZ Rise Innovation Interview

Vic Crone, CEO of Callaghan Innovation joined NZ Rise members in Wellington to discuss their experiences with Callaghan Innovation and shared her views on where she believes Callaghan Innovation can play a role in supporting the local eco-system. Vic’s fireside chat was with Miki Szikszai, CEO of Snapper, and exclusive to NZ Rise.     […] Read more»

Agenda NZRise Procurement Workshop – Growing a Sustainable Digital Sector

Last chance to register this week – if you are a New Zealand owned company working in the Digital Technology space this event is for you, a unique opportunity to collaboratively with NZ Government Procurement Leaders on the challenges and opportunities ahead with a goal to Growing a Sustainable Digital Sector with Smart Procurement. Register […] Read more»

Have your say on the Skills Shortage

The New Zealand Digital Skills Forum has launched a national survey to help address the increasing digital skills shortage. As demand for tech skills accelerates across all sectors, plus the rapid growth of the tech sector itself, unfilled tech roles continue to rise. The Forum, an industry and government working group, has launched the survey […] Read more»

NZRise AGM 2017 Election of Board and Officers update

The NZRise AGM of 2017 was held on Wednesday 31st May. Thank you to Rabid for hosting a very lively debate with members attending both in person and via hangout from remote locations. Many thanks to Board members who are not returning to the board – Bianca Mueller, Daniel Spector and Paul Ramsay. The Board […] Read more»

Who is IT Wellington #TWNZ17

Yesterday 150 Wellington based people who identify themselves as working in the Information Technology space gathered at the Fork and Brewer pub. As part of TechWeek 2017 “Who is IT Wellington” was an awesome event to catch up with old connections, forge new ones, enjoy a drink and platters of food provided by NZRise member companies (please […] Read more»

NZ Digital Technology Sector Procurement seminar findings

In September 2015 NZRise co-hosted a Procurement Seminar with MBIE. In preparation for holding a followup event in 2017 it is worthy considering the report issued by NZRise highlighting key issues and opportunities for further development. The report below will be used to build the agenda for the 2017 event. The half day event was well […] Read more»

The cost of Government Tenders

This post is to share the results of a survey – the cost of responding to Government Tenders – run late in 2016. Overview A few things happened in 2016 leading to NZRise members questioning whether the NZ Government really understands how their preferred procurement method – via Tenders as Requests for Information and Requests […] Read more»

Why aren’t New Zealand businesses being encouraged to take on new graduates?

Last week Don and I received the email below: For Attention Victoria Maclennan & Don Christie, I am writing to you as Co-Chairs of NZRise to seek your feedback about a problem that is occurring not only for me, but for many of my friends. I, along with many others I know, am a recent […] Read more»

Supporting the Wellington ICT Graduate School

The Wellington ICT Graduate School needs support from Wellington businesses. This is an important element in preparing New Zealand for the changing way we will be working in the future. You can read more about the school at or contact Karl (details below): The Wellington ICT School are seeking businesses who would be interested in […] Read more»

NZRise Position and Guidance on Internships

NZRise members have observed an emerging trend in New Zealand of offering students or recent graduates work experience via an unpaid “internship”. Our research has clarified this style of work placement does not exist in New Zealand employment law, volunteering would be the closest description which is subject to a range of legislation in itself. […] Read more»

Selling to the Public Sector from the NZ owned Digital and Technology perspective

NZRise members have recently been enthusiastically discussing “10 of my secrets on how to sell to the UK Public Sector” by Mary McKenna, a Tech Entrepreneur and Investor from Ireland. The article resonates strongly with New Zealand owned Digital and Technology businesses as the advice could be equally be written from a NZ owned SME’s perspective. […] Read more»

NZRise welcome Labour’s “Future of Work” paper

NZRise is delighted to note Labour’s forward thinking, particularly within the Technology section of their “The Future of Work” Paper, encapsulating the results of 2 year’s work by their “Future of Work Commission”. “We admire and fully support their aspirational goal to make the ICT sector NZ’s second largest contributor to the economy by 2025, […] Read more»

NZRise members support for the Digital 5 Nation Charter and adoption of Open Standards

NZRise members support Open Standards and New Zealand’s commitment to Open Standards as a member of the Digital 5 Nations (D5). We encourage NZ Government Agencies to take a proactive view and align with the goals of the D5 which will directly support strengthening the New Zealand economy through Digital Technology. Minister Dunne is actively […] Read more»

ThunderMaps: Member showcase

Clint van Marrewijk, CEO of ThunderMaps fills us in on what they do. [By the way, did you know ThunderMaps recently won the Award for Export at the Geospatial Awards?! Congrats!] What does being a local NZ company mean to you? Being from New Zealand naturally orientates us towards the rest of the world – […] Read more»

What’s up: November

Thank you! Huge thanks to Bianca and LawDownUnder for hosting our US election themed end of year ‘do on Wednesday. Wonderful to see you all, and best wishes for the silly season. US election Don Christie, our co-chair, posted this blog about what the US election results might mean for NZ businesses from an NZRise […] Read more»

NZRise Response To US Election Results

NZRise members attended our end of year meeting in subdued mood on Wednesday. A mood that seems to be shared by many businesses and other organisations. The unfolding electoral map of the USA filled NZRise attendees with a feeling of impending doom. So, whilst it may be that Trump opposes things like TPP, he does […] Read more»

The cost of Responding to NZ Government Tenders

NZRise is considering the cost of engagement with NZ Government procurement processes from a business perspective and are initially interested in understanding the estimated cost to NZ Digital and Technology companies when responding to a NZ Government tenders – whether a Request for Information or Request for Proposal. This is just one of the many dimensions […] Read more»

Member showcase: LawHawk

Big welcome to our newest member, LawHawk. Gene Turner is the Managing Director and has kindly provided the following info for the member showcase. What does being a local NZ company mean to you? A lot. I was born and raised in New Zealand, and most of my friends and family are here. My kids […] Read more»

Open Source Awards – Congrats!

NZRise wishes a huge congratulations to those award winners at last week’s Open Source Awards. The winners are: Government Digital NZ, an initiative that seeks to help people find, share, and use NZ digital content. Business Catalyst for the Catalyst Cloud, the only fully API-driven cloud infrastructure in New Zealand. Education, social services and youth […] Read more»

Member newsletter: What’s up?

Hi members! In this fortnights’ update we’ve got – Market Measures report to share – An IRRUP10 update following a phone call with the IRD and our chairs – Changes to skilled migrant immigration – A reminder about the end of year function Cheers, Bronnie Community Manager, NZRise Co-chair update There’s been a lot happening […] Read more»

Changes to the Skilled Migrant Category – Immigration New Zealand

Announcement from the Minister of Immigration via Immigration New Zealand: As our Skill Forum partners I just wanted to let you know that today the Minister of Immigration announced changes to the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa. Below is some more information and context about these changes that could be interesting if not relevant for […] Read more»

Submission to Inland Revenue from the Digital and Technology sector – IRRUIP10

Inland Revenue (IR) are seeking to review the taxation treatment of software. NZRise, NZTech and AMS jointly submitted feedback as did Catalyst independently with a further emphasis on the treatment of Open Source software. Specifically IR are looking to review 3 key “issues”: When does software development expenditure give rise to “trading stock”? What treatment […] Read more»

October update: News, events and the end of year party date!

Can you believe it’s October already!? Hi members! In this fortnights’ update we’ve got quite a lot to be honest: – A big update from our co-chairs – A couple of events for your calendar – Septembers’ board meeting minutes – Welcome and member showcase to our new member, Eight-Wire Please sing out if you’ve […] Read more»

Member showcase: Eight Wire

NZRise’s newest member, Jason Gleason from Eight-Wire joins us in this member showcase. What does being a local NZ company mean to you? Being a local NZ company means we take our environment and culture and use it to guide our development as a company. It also means that we are engaged with our local […] Read more»

Visualising the NZ Digital and Technology sector

The recent report provides a fantastic source of insight into the New Zealand Digital and Technology sector, it’s contribution to the economy, impact on other sectors and contribution on a regional basis. In 2015 the Digital and Technology sector accounted for 8% of GDP and 7% of exports. The overall contribution to GDP was greater than that […] Read more»

Member showcase: Hunchbuzz

Thomas Mitchell, who was recently named Young IT Professional of the Year at ITx2016, joins us to share a bit of info about Hunchbuzz. What does being a local NZ company mean to you? Being a local NZ company means we are an active player and supporter of all things New Zealand. We obviously want […] Read more»

Support for Digital and Technology Interns via Summer of Tech

NZRise member Summer of Tech offers a great programme connecting New Zealand Digital and Technology students with New Zealand companies for summer work placement opportunities. Our members support Summer of Tech and we think you should too. More information can be found below: Summer of Tech Can you support IT interns in your business this […] Read more»

Take the Market measures survey

This year NZRise is a supporter of Market Measures. Market Measures benchmarks the sales and marketing activity of New Zealand’s technology companies, providing you with useful information for planning your sales and marketing strategies. To find out more about Market Measures and to view past years’ reports and resources click here. By participating in the […] Read more»

How local government can support the digital economy

This opinion piece was written by Victoria MacLennan, Co-Chair NZRise and was published in the NBR on 5th July 2016.  We live in interesting times. Globalisation and increasing demand for digital and technology-based products have created a wonderful environment for companies to build their products or services anywhere. No longer bound by the tyranny of geography, […] Read more»

Opportunities for Software Companies in South East Asia

Last week Mitchell Pham spoke at an NZRise meetup, we also invited NZTech and IITP members along. Thank you to Equinox for hosting us and providing pizza. The group enjoyed a great overview of how large the South East Asian market is and where opportunities lie for NZ software companies. Mitchell and his team at Augen […] Read more»

Member showcase: Draper Cormack Group

What does being a local NZ company mean to you? Being a local NZ company means that while we have one eye on how we can improve our own business, we’re also looking at how we can improve New Zealand – be that by dealing with ethically strong clients, working on helping our clients tell […] Read more»

NZ Government ICT Marketplace briefing, August 2016

Last week Ron Stuart, Manager Government ICT Supply Strategy, GCIO’s office, DIA briefed audiences of NZRise, NZTech and IITP members in Auckland and Wellington. Both events drew large crowds with ~200 people braving a freezing wind in Wellington demonstrating the levels of interest and importance of this announcement. We also noted a strong contingent of Government […] Read more»

Industry bodies unite to challenge the Marsden Fund support of Digital and Technology research

NZRise has added our voice to a joint industry submission to the Marsden Fund, to quote IITP’s press release “11 of the leading representative bodies from the tech sector have joined forces to raise serious concerns about apparent bias within New Zealand’s major Marsden research fund that has led to a significant under-investment in tech-related research […] Read more»

Member showcase: Givahoy

Read all about our newest NZRise member, Jim Boutcher from Givahoy. What does being a local NZ company mean to you? Being a local NZ company means that any success is grounded in where I live. I’m not working in isolation, but in an ecosystem of committed and effective people. How has technology changed our […] Read more»

What happened at ITx2016?

On July 11-13, NZRise was part of a huge technology and digital conference in Wellington. ITx2016 brought together 12 tech agencies from across the country to collaborate and share at a 3-day conference. NZRise hosted a stream on day one which included: – A tech focused Q&A session with the Wellington City Council mayoral candidates […] Read more»

Income Tax Treatment of Software Development Expenditure – Consultation, Inland Revenue

Earlier in 2016 Inland Revenue sought feedback from Industry groups such as NZRise on their upcoming proposal to revisit the taxation treatment of software developed for the purpose of commercial exploitation – now issued for consultation. NZRise members are welcome to submit to Inland Revenue directly or join the membership discussion and contribute to our […] Read more»

NZ Rise delighted by its members’ success

NZ Rise is delighted that two of its members were awarded the top two awards at last night’s Excellence in IT Awards. Hunchbuzz CTO Thomas Mitchell won Young IT Professional of the Year and NZ Rise co-chair Victoria MacLennan won the top award, IT Professional of the year. Victoria says she is humbled and honoured […] Read more»

Digital Economy insight from Phil O’Reilly

Last week Phil O’Reilly, who recently moved on from his CEO of BusinessNZ role, donated some of his time to provide NZRise and other industry group members with his take on New Zealand’s role in the global economy, specifically focusing on the opportunities and challenges facing those of us in the Digital and Technology sector. […] Read more»

Member showcase: Abletech

Jo Wilson from Abletech joins us in this member showcase to fill us in on life at Abletech. What does being a local NZ company mean to you? Abletech was founded by Kiwis and, although we work internationally, we love being based in Wellington. Increasingly, local businesses and organisations are embracing innovative technology and we […] Read more»

Member showcase: Exess Connectivity

This blog is to showcase one of our many members, Exess Connectivity, a fast, low cost case management software for human and social service providers. Michelle Beavan, Navigator, was kind enough to answer some questions, thanks Michelle! Watch this space for more NZRise member showcases to come. ~ Bronnie What does being a local NZ […] Read more»

NZRise May 2016 update

Hello everyone, May has been another busy month NZRise wise, with lively discussions on our members forum and a range of meetings, consultations and events Don and Victoria as Co-Chairs have been involved with. If you have any questions or would like to learn more feel free to email us at [email protected] AGM Reminder Today (2nd […] Read more»

An open letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs

18 December 2015 Hon Peter Dunne Minister of Internal Affairs Private Bag 18888 Parliament Buildings Wellington 6160 Dear Minister, This is an open letter due to the timing of the issue it raises. We write on behalf of of NZRise members and the wider New Zealand ICT sector. Many of our members have read with […] Read more»

November Digest

Our monthly newsletter is out and available for your reading pleasure. We review the Xmas social event, look at the procurement award and congratulate two member companies making headlines. Read the newsletter Read more»

NZRise calls for fair tender process for Wellington smartcard solution

As Greater Wellington Regional Council prepares to begin the tender process for a new city-wide public transport smartcard system, NZRise urges the Council to conduct the process fairly.   “We know that NZTA has written to the Council expressing a preference for their wholly-owned subsidiary, Hop, to be chosen over one of the other three […] Read more»

NZRise Great Procurement Award

The Inaugral NZRise Great Procurement Award We want to reward great procurement Much of the business in the the New Zealand Digital and Technology sector is awarded via a procurement process. With stories and urban myths galore on less than optimal experiences it seems like a great time to celebrate the exemplars. Here is your […] Read more»

NZRise Welcomes ‘Local First’ Procurement Policy

NZRise, the association of New Zealand owned digital companies, today welcomed the Labour Party’s procurement policy that includes assessment of the impact of government purchasing on the local economy. “NZRise has lobbied all of the major parties for more than five years now to consider the net economic benefit to the local economy of government […] Read more»

NZRise TPPA Concerns

NZRise’s concerns on the impact of the Trans Pacfic Partnership Agreement (TPPA) 17th August 2015 NZRise and its members are deeply concerned about the expansion of the intellectual property rights regime as it will limit the competitiveness of New Zealand’s IT industry. As a small market economy, New Zealand does not appear to gain any […] Read more»

New Co-Chair for NZRise

Victoria MacLennan appointed Co-Chair of Digital and Technology Advocacy group – NZRise NZRise the digital and technology advocacy group for the New Zealand owned sector has appointed Victoria MacLennan, Managing Director OptimalBI, as new Co-Chair. Victoria replaces Paul Ramsay, founding NZRise co-chair and director of IT firm, Equinox, after a four year service. Well-known in […] Read more»

Quarterly ICT Confidence

NZRise Quarterly New Zealand ICT Sector Confidence Survey We would like to start a short regular survey each quarter to gauge the changing levels of confidence in the New Zealand ICT Sector. Understanding shifts in ICT business confidence can give us a better understanding of where the industry needs help or where we are excelling. Your […] Read more»

Wellington City Council

Media Release 10th Feb 2015 Wellington City Council Fascination with One Ring Goes too Far The inhabitants of Middle Earth found the downside of having “One ring to rule them all”. Wellington should be concerned about the impending darkness threatened by the “One system to replace them all” style thinking from the Wellington City Council. NZRise […] Read more»

Party Policy Questions

Questions for Political Parties We sent the following questions to all major New Zealand Political Parties and are now publishing their answers. The Conservative Party and New Zealand First chose not to reply to these questions. Some parties that have replied are yet to release more digital technology policies relevant to these questions. We will […] Read more»

NZRise pleased with evolution of ICT Policies

Wednesday 10th September 2014 NZRise pleased with evolution of ICT Policies NZRise is pleased with how political parties are developing their ICT policies but cautions they need a long term effort from Government to put them in place. Don Christie chair of NZRise said “the policies show how the awareness and importance of the sector […] Read more»