Procurement and the Emperor’s New Clothes

An opinion piece by NZRise Board Member, Shane Ross. The story about the Emperor’s new clothes was brought front of mind when I reviewed the proposed 4th Edition of the Government Procurement Rules. On first glance – and certainly the overall statement – this latest edition of the Procurement Rules really looks to deliver some […] Read more»

New R&D tax credits a backward step for Commercial Software* development

An opinion piece by Noel Reid, NZRise Board Member. The Good The Bill that was introduced recently has been accompanied by an exceptionally good effort by Officials to consult, engage and then issue comprehensive Guidance on the new rules for eligibility. Their efforts are acknowledged and very much appreciated. The new criteria for eligibility are […] Read more»

9 Rules to Interrogate Hockey Sticks

9 Rules to Interrogate Hockey Sticks (a.k.a. investing in companies telling you the usual scale-up story) An opinion piece by Rahul Watson Govindan, NZRise Board Member. Since exiting out of my various companies, I’ve been investing in various technology companies over the past few years. The most recent unlisted investment being in the excellent Tourwriter […] Read more»